Redefine Possible - Mens


"The drought crisis in East Africa may seem an impossible situation. But through long-term, sustainable development to fight drought vulnerability, a community can beat the odds.

This tee represents Spencer West’s inspiration for scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair this past June 2012.

Set off to redefine possible not only for himself but for others, he took an incredible journey to bring a sustainable & clean water source to 18,500 East Africans through Free The Children. It was a near impossible journey- a journey of 20,000 steps and the journey of a lifetime as Spencer, truly: redefined possible.
Show your support for Spencer & redefine your possible this school year with your very own Redefine Possible Tee-designed by Spencer West!

There is no such thing as an insurmountable obstacle. Anything is possible & solutions to the drought crisis in Africa aren’t out of reach-you can help too.

$10 from each T-shirt sold goes directly to Spencer’s Redefine Possible campaign.